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We are a technology-driven GIS Services & Spatial Data provider that offers creative solutions in the areas of Location-Based Technologies and Location-Based Intelligence. Our principal focus is to provide cutting-edge technology services and a consistent forward-thinking approach to serving our customers. We take a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand, listening to our client’s needs, and providing advanced technology and the tools to help exceed their goals.


Our goal is to assist clients throughout their projects by providing the best technology, training, data solutions, and Geospatial Services available, at the same time playing on the interoperability of the hardware and software solutions.


Being intellectually unyielding Sincerity and approachability Regarding others in our pursuit for greatness Self-initiative and respecting commitments Working fervently and encouraging others


To maintain an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps us active, significant and provides scope for continued development;

To keep challenging ourselves as we enhance our leaning, our skills and capability to solve problems;

To influence decisions and actions with honesty and rectitude; creating confidence and building a persistent and long-lasting company;

To grow and sustain a robust company culture nurtured by individual and team spirit.


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