GIS Data Analysis

Simplify the complexity of precision farming

GeoPard is an unbiased cloud-based Analytics Powerhouse for agricultural data. The platform core is capable of processing any set of geospatial data.

We help our clients integrate into their business processes and their applications. GeoPard make the onboading process as fast as possible. Software integration is ready in a week.

Discover the full potential of ag fields and improve agronomic decisions. GeoPard is your reliable tool for Ag operations from planning, execution to adjusting practices based on the data.

Our clients choose us because our solution includes everything you need in one place: cloud analytics of ag data, everything is necessary for digital farming, agronomy and precision farming practices and even more.

Our business is designed for you to benefit from precision farming technology by providing you with reliable data to base your decisions on, easy-to-use mapping tools to help you see the solutions available, and an accessible user interface to simplify the complexity of precision ag. No matter the crop in question or the ag inputs provider, our platform is a place where the value of technology is used to streamline costs, and our very competitive pricing model reflects this.

Accessibility is a key part of our business model, as current geospatial technological solutions should be available to everyone for the same, fair price.
We have taken advantage of the automation and optimization of infrastructure costs, cloud computing, and open and free data sources like satellite imagery to cut costs on our end of things and make the IT technologies of the modern world available to you for a fair price.


We have been building AgTech solutions together since 2012, and GeoPard has evolved from our collective knowledge, scientific understanding, and hands-on experimentation and manipulation with cutting-edge technologies that has provided our team with a highly refined expertise in this field that is hard to match.

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