Land & Hydrographic Surveys

Land & Hydrographic Surveys: Chartered Surveyors

Latitude Geospatial is an established company of chartered surveyors, with over 20 years of experience utilising the latest innovations in survey equipment and technology, providing a full range of survey services throughout Guyana.

  • Hydrographic: Latitude Geospatial are the Guyana’s leading independent coastal survey company, with extensive experience and a proven track record in providing high-resolution hydrographic surveys.
  • Topographic: Latitude Geospatial carry out highly detailed topographic, measured building, BIM, river cross-sections, GPR & utilities mapping, mobile laser scanning & GPS surveys throughout the Guyana.
  • Geophysical: Our experience includes Offshore Renewable Energy sites, Offshore Oil & Gas, Ports & Harbours, Pipeline and Cable routes and high resolution surveys for engineering developments & structures.
  • Utility Mapping: Latitude Geospatial have been undertaking utility mapping for 10 years and we have adopted emerging technologies to ensure that we remain at the forefront of service provision.
  • Environmental Survey: With professional registrations including Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), our experience ensures the highest standards of quality assurance, working to internationally recognised and approved survey practices.
  • UAV Surveys: For us, the UAV is an addition to our existing portfolio of equipment used to provide survey information to clients and we are incorporating this technology into our established professional services.
  • Oceanographic: Our oceanographic services include current monitoring over short or long periods with hull or seabed mounted ADCP, single point impellor meters, electromagnetic current sensors or even traditional logship.
  • LiDAR Mapping: We own and operate UAV mounted LiDAR and mobile LiDAR mapping systems from vehicles and boats. Our LiDAR systems are integrated with high-end Applanix inertial (INS) navigation systems.

We produce work to the highest quality, endorsed by our accreditation to numerous organisations including the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors and The Hydrographic Society. All of our practices and procedures are governed by RICS regulations.

The quality of our service is further underpinned by our accreditation to the ISO PAS99 and Achilles UVDB standards, incorporating Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety certification.

Our approach is to fully engage with our clients from the outset, utilising our experience and expertise across the full range of survey disciplines, to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of their requirements, allowing us to manage their expectations and to advise on the most appropriate methodologies, optimising value for money. This ensures that our clients receive a professional service tailored to their individual requirements.

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