UAVs (Drone) Solutions

The Era of the drone is upon us

For long, we have ignored the unparalleled advantages of using the medium of commodotized flight to propel human productivity.

The technological challenge of extracting meaningful data from petabytes of aerial information, lack of standardized and secure flight workflows and a rapidly changing regulatory environment have restrained the growth of the global drone ecosystem.

Neutralising these barriers will fundamentally alter the way our worksites and cities function by exponentially increasing the quantum of aerial intelligence from an open and connected sky.


Latitude Geosense Drones is a technology company that is building the core infrastructure for the global drone ecosystem. Today, our platform empowers Fortune 500 companies with drone analytics, service providers with secure execution of flights and manufacturers with regulatory airspace compliance.


Our commitments to the drone story

1) Accelerating industrial productivity with actionable intelligence

We are building ground-breaking AI technologies that transform petabytes of spatial drone data into actionable business insights so our customers can keep abreast with change

2) Solving the next big enterprise problem

To establish drone technology as a universal layer of the enterprise stack, we are adopting a long-term ‘builder’s view’- by engaging with businesses to discover problems, quantify value and craft solutions

3) Making drone flights safe and secure

By helping create institutions like GCAA, we are committed to leading regulatory efforts to secure airspace and build technology that democratizes safe and compliant access to Indian skies

4) Simplifying drone operations at global scale

To power autonomous aerial missions of the future, we are building a geography-agnostic set of tools that drone fleets of all sizes can use to manage distributed operations with ease

5) Advancing the cause of the drone ecosystem

We are committed to enabling meaningful work from the skies for industrial enterprises, software innovators, hardware manufacturers, service providers, pilots and more

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