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Latitude offers innovative geospatial solutions to help businesses solve complex location-based challenges. A prime example is their Latitude Telematics Fleet Management Platform. This robust system integrates telematics and geospatial capabilities to provide companies with total visibility and control over their fleets.

With real-time tracking and monitoring, the Fleet Management Platform empowers managers to optimize routes, reduce fuel costs, ensure driver safety, and boost overall fleet productivity. By leveraging Latitude expertise in location intelligence and analytics, businesses can transform their fleet operations to drive smarter decisions and maximize return on investment. Whether confronting the demands of last-mile delivery, service fleets, or long-haul transportation, the Latitude Telematics solution delivers powerful, user-friendly tools to master any fleet environment.


That’s why, whether you have a fleet of five vehicles – or five thousand – you’ll know just how important fleet management is to your business.


Fleet management systems provide you with the information you need to manage your vehicles. They inform you where your vehicles are at any point in time, what they are doing, and how well they are doing it.

This information enables companies to better organize their fleets, and in the process, it enables them to improve customer service, helps them to reduce costs, and enables them to show evidence for their compliance. It also enables them to increase driver safety and minimize their impact on the environment.

Latitude Fleet Track connects your office to vehicles and drivers for real-time visibility into fleet operations like location, mileage, fuel use, driving behavior, hours, and order status. This essential data is displayed on maps, dashboards, and reports to empower informed decision-making about your business. With Latitude Fleet Track, the world’s leading fleet management solution, fleets, and drivers can achieve more together through optimized operations and collaboration.

Latitude Fleet Track will assist you in managing your business better and this is how we can help you achieve more. The Latitude Fleet Track Mobile App provides you with clear visibility of your fleet while on the move with a user-friendly interface. Managing your fleet has never been easier! Some of the functionalities are included.

REAL-TIME TRACKING ensures that you have a precise overview of the location of your fleet – keeping you in control. You can plan alternative routes in the event of traffic congestion.

TRACE allows you to extract vehicle history data when the need arises. Useful for incident investigation and is available as a text-based report or a graphical interface.

GEOFENCING allows you to draw virtual boundaries on the map which can alert you with customized messages when your vehicles cross these boundaries. It can also monitor speed limits and will alert you when deviated.

FUEL UTILIZATION REPORT can be easily generated and analyzed for potential areas of improvement so that fuel savings can be identified and optimized through advanced driving techniques.

DRIVING BEHAVIOUR monitoring provides you with added visibility on how your vehicles are driven by detecting harsh acceleration and harsh braking, over speeding, and excessive idling.


Beyond Fleet Management Solutions

1. Video Telematics Solutions:

Leveling up to provide a safe, secure and comprehensive fleet management system. DMS and ADAS systems come together to deliver an enhanced telematics software experience.

  • Livestream the Footage Remotely 24*7
  • Automatic and Manual Footage Archiving
  • Reporting and Notifying 60+ Events.
2. Driver Behavior Monitoring

Encourage good driving habits amongst drivers with accurate diving performance reports. Ensure the safety of drivers, consignments and vehicles with top-notch driver behavior analysis.

  • Driver Scores and Event Reports
  • Realtime Driving Violation Alerts
  • Hours of Service (HOS) Monitoring
3. Route Planning Solutions

Custom plan your routes for every trip your vehicles undertake. Prioritize the waypoints, get instant alerts every time a vehicle violates the code and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Accurate Route Deviation Alerts
  • ETAs and PODs for Deliveries
  • Trip Management Solutions

GPS Trackers We Support

Latitude Telematics exemplifies unity in diversity! Our platform seamlessly adapts to the firmware, protocols, and strings of varied GPS trackers. We embrace small, medium and large hardware manufacturers alike.

  • 500+ devices/sensors integrated.
  • Technical troubleshooting via SMSs
  • ELD friendly software solutions
  • AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices

We have liberated our users from the dilemma of what combination of devices and sensors to pick. Our unrivalled GPS tracking software epitomizes flexibility, adaptability and ease of integration with any given hardware device in the market.

Asset Trackers

Widely used in container tracking, construction, oil and gas industries, freight and more, these wireless GPS trackers empower businesses across sectors. These portable GPS trackers ensure the safety of assets every step of the way.

AVL Devices

Automatic Vehicle Locator devices equipped with GPS tracking system act as the perfect vehicle GPS trackers. Keep tabs on real-time location, speed and other essential metrics with AVL location devices.


Ensure the safety of consignments and enhance customer satisfaction with a fool-proof automated vehicle locking system. Control the locking system remotely via our GPS tracker app easily integrated with eLocks from all brands and of all types.

Fuel Sensors

Seamless integration with fuel sensors of all types, ensuring compatibility across the board. Experience easy calibration and impeccable accuracy of the fuel tracking metrics on our GPS tracker app.

OBD GPS Trackers

One of the most sophisticated kinds of wireless GPS trackers, OBD enables a plug-and-play GPS tracking system. Equipped with self-diagnostics and reporting capabilities allow seamless detection of vehicular anomalies and so much more.

Personal GPS Trackers

Effortlessly monitor family members, employees, field workers or anyone important with seamlessly integrated personal GPS trackers. With real-time location tracking, precise movement detection, SOS button and more, ensure high-end tracking.

Pet GPS Trackers

Never lose sight of your pet, even from afar. Our system is compatible with the GPS tracker for pets. Tracks the whereabouts of your cattle in the fields or your beloved cat or dog at home. GPS pet trackers coupled with software capabilities work wonders.

Video Monitoring Devices

Enabling live streaming, ADAS, and DMS functionalities with the help of different dashcams. These video monitoring devices along with location tracker devices make a win-win tracking combination.

Features of Our Fleet Monitoring Software

The following features are like the piece of a jigsaw puzzle that when put together complete the picture and make complete sense.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Get real-time insights on vehicle health, speed, fuel levels, tyre pressure and more. OBD makes vehicle diagnostics more convenient and precise.
  • Geofences/POIs: Mark all essential spots/places as geofences and get real-time notifications every time vehicles enter or exit them. You also get consolidated geofence reports.
  • Six-month History: The software archives the trip history and reports for six months that you can playback, download, and revisit as many times during that period.
  • Vehicle Safety: Parking mode, immobilization, battery disconnection alerts and live streaming ensure all-around security of not only vehicles but also consignments.
  • Custom Alerts: Our fleet management system offers more than 50 alerts that you can choose from. You may also ask for custom alerts and their reports.
  • Announcements: Announcements are like broadcast messages that appear as pop-ups with images and text on the assigned users’ screen when they log in.
  • Driver Management: Latitude Telematics offers complete Driver Management in one place – Store drivers’ details, important documents, monitor performance and manage tasks.
  • Access Management: The admin has complete control over who gets to access what. He/She may enable/disable different features for your dealers, transporters and users.
  • Technician Management: Separate app for on-field technicians. Hence, they do not get access to the entire portal and whatever updates they make on their app reflect on the software too.
Have a Look at Our Fleet Management Platform

Real-time visibility and on-point analytics make Latitude Fleet Track popular with the enterprises and GPS tracking system providers across the globe.

The Latitude Fleet Track Mobile App is currently available on Android and iOS devices for maximum compatibility.

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